How do I find my PUK code ?

Your PUK number can be found on the back of your SIM card holder. Alternatively you can call customer services and a member of the customer services team will be glad to help you.

My handset is locked

If your SIM does not work when you first place it into your mobile, it may have a SIM lock. If you have been with your current provider for more than 1 year this lock may be removed for free, please contact your current provider directly to request the code which will allow you to remove your SIM lock. If you have had your handset for less than one year you should ask your handset provider how much it will cost to remove the SIM lock

Where can I buy a Lyca SIM?

Lycamobile SIMs are available nationwide through a various of shops and retail distributor outlets. You can also walk into our city offices during working hours and collect the SIM cards instantly. Alternatively you can order your SIM card online.

How do I find my toggle number?

You can view your toggle number on your mobile screen by dialling *132#, send.

How do I keep my existing number?

To transfer your existing mobile number, simply contact your existing mobile service provider and ask for your PAC code. Once you have your PAC code, please contact local customer services who will activate the transfer for you.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, never.

Contact customer service

You can contact Customer Services 8.00am – 8.00pm 7 days a week

To contact customer services:

  • Dial 322 from your toggle
  • Dial 02071 322322 from another phone
  • Dial +91 8939446699 (India) from abroad
  • Email us at

How much does it cost to contact customer services?

Calling customer services at 322 (or 93#) from your toggle mobile is charged at £0.09/call. Calls to other helpline numbers from any other network are charged at your service provider's standard national rate.

I have not used my Lyca SIM card for a while and it is now disconnected, why is this?

We automatically deactivate SIM cards if you do not make a call or send a text for 90 days. Unfortunately the SIM card cannot be reconnected and the mobile number is unavailable for you to use after this time

My SIM card is lost/stolen , how do I prevent unauthorised use?

Please contact your local customer services as quickly as possible and one of our advisors will be happy to help you. Alternately you can write to us at

Does a Lyca SIM card support premium calls or SMS?

No we do not offer premium SMS or premium calls in any country.

How do I access voicemail and what is the cost?

Your toggle mobile voicemail service is automatically activated.
Using your toggle mobile voicemail you can:
  • Listen to messages left for you
  • Record a personalised welcome message
  • Select your preferred language

To access your voicemail from your toggle mobile.

  • Dial 121

To access your voicemail from abroad.

  • Dial +447438646121 and follow the instructions
Listening to your voicemail is completely free of charge in toggle mobile countries (for other countries please check the rate here as normal rates to UK apply).

How do I top-up online?

To top-up with a debit or credit card online click here

Does a Lyca SIM card support Blackberry Services?

We do not currently support Blackberry services

How can I stop receiving unwanted texts or SPAM?

When you receive a text from a company you have not given your number to, this is called SPAM. Unfortunately, Lycamobile is unable to prevent you from receiving these unwanted messages, unless you want to ban all text messaging. These companies have sophisticated ways of obtaining mobile phone numbers. One way to avoid SPAM is to be careful about what sites you give your mobile number to.